About Elle Be


The name Elle Be (which also happen to be my initials - LB) has always been in the back of my mind. I knew that someday, somehow, the name would serve me. 

The name is composed of two words.

Elle - the French word for her; she; the female incarnation of intelligence, strength, and beauty
Be - the state of simply being

Together, these words represent the ideals in which I strongly believe: that if women could trust their instincts and their magic, love themselves unconditionally, and live their truth, they would have everything they have ever needed in order to feel strong, healthy, beautiful and whole. 

Look, all women are born absolute badasses. However, throughout the years, we have allowed our spiritual vibrational frequencies to be lowered thanks to the foods we eat, the environment in which we live, the actions we take, the thoughts we have and how we let ourselves feel. 

These lower vibrations lend to chronic illness, feelings of inadequacy, emotional instability, poor health, low energy, feeling stuck, lack of clear purpose, poor relationships with others and self sabotage.

Elle Be is a space filled with important learning tools and resources that will show you not only the importance of raising your spiritual vibrations, but it will also teach you various, practical ways to do so.

Through guidance and coaching, I can help you raise your vibration, regardless of where it currently sits. That’s when you’ll see the magic really start to happen.