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February New Moon

The new moon is the first phase of the moon cycle. It’s commonly known in many cultures as a symbol of new beginnings. If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of new beginnings. New year, new month, new moon, new week, new day… I like to celebrate these with rituals.

5 Skin Care Products I’m Loving Right Now (#3 is my latest obsession!)

My skin isn’t what it used to be, but I’m also very picky about what I slather on my skin. I’ve compiled a short list of some of my absolute favourite skin care products at the moment. I’m sure you’ll find something your skin will love too!

Podcast Recommendations

A short list of my go-to podcasts at the moment. From hilarious true crime to inspirational girl boss, there’s a variety of styles to check out. Click below and discover something new!